Reading Bits


        Just How Old Are You ?

        Instructions For Life !

        Rules of Life !

        Forgot my glasses...

        Summary of Life


        Married in Heaven ?

        Never Argue with a Woman!

        Remember Life Before the Computer ?

        U.S. Census 2000 Form

        U.S. Census 2000 Population

        Senator - This one is Letter of the Week

        Pilots, last day on the job before retiring

        Stress Reduction Kit

        One - Liners

        The Lesson

        Two Cows

        Liberal Dictionary

        The Worlds 25 Shortest Books

        The Worlds 20 Thinnest Books

        Red Skelton's  Pledge of Allegiance

        12 Rules for Raising Delinquent Children

        Humor: (?)  -  Your Car !

        Casino Story

        Freshmen College Class Mindset List

        26 Things Men Wish Their Wives Knew !

        Reasons Why Husbands Are Wonderful

        Who's Got Religion ?

        Interesting Why-Bits

        Texas Wisdom

        The half-wit

        Dog for Sale

        I Asked For

        The Fall Of A Republic

        21 Signs that you had too much of the 90's

        Color Chart:  Test Yourself

        Eye Examination Chart:  Test Yourself

        Windows Hidden Settings Tab Found

        As I Walk Through Life

        Things I've Learned

        God Bless America, The Home of Blame

        Simple Vs Real Friends

        America under Clinton-Gore:

        Lightening Things Up A Little !

        Food for Thought

        The Wooden Bowl


        You know your Addicted to Coffee if...

        Things you don't want to hear in surgery

        Lessons Movies Have Taught Us


        Quotes by Steven Wright

        The Story of Kyle

        The Most Beautiful Heart

        Rank Signs with Topics

        Friends are a Rare Jewel

        Happiness On Hold

        The Real World

        Very Cute Little Stories

        The Blizzard

        Going to Hawaii

        Never Lie To Your Mother

        Leave Early

        A Story, Worth Remembering

        Five More Minutes

        Count Your Blessings

        Dementia Quiz



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