America under Clinton-Gore:


bulletThe number of uninsured Americans increased by more than 8 million.

bulletAlmost 70 percent of fourth graders in the highest poverty schools cannot read at basic level.

bulletTeachers were victims of 1.8 million crimes at school, including 657,000 violent crimes.

bulletIllegal drug use among high school seniors increased 78 percent.

bulletFederal prosecutions of gun-related offenses decreased by 46 percent.

bulletMore than 12,000 U.S. soldiers are on food stamps.

bulletEnacted a $115 billion tax increase on Social Security benefits.

bulletFederal government is the nation's largest polluter, costing taxpayers nearly $400 billion for cleanups.

bullet45 convictions, 72 indictments/misdemeanor charges, and 8 imprisonments related to the 1996 campaign finance scandal, improper conduct by Clinton-Gore cabinet officials, and Whitewater.

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