Ten – No, Eleven --
Reasons Why Husbands Are Wonderful

11. To wash windows or vacuum once in a while, especially when
       company is coming.

10. To pull out splinters and take you to the ER when you cut your
       hand on a kitchen knife – again!

9.   To let you warm your cold feet on him when you climb in bed.

8.    Remembers your birthday, even when nobody else does, and
       doesn’t count the years.

7.   To hold your hand on your daily walk along the canal.

6.   To comfort you with an enveloping hug when you wake him
       with a nightmare in the middle of a sound sleep.

5.   To get KFC for supper and take you to the river to eat on a
       blanket by wildflowers and watch the baby osprey.

4.   To bring you flowers for no reason – or pick a handful of

3.   To hold you and let you cry on his shoulder when you are sad
       – like when you are missing your children that have left home.

2.   To give you a morning kiss good-by and wish you a good day,
       and a kiss of greeting on arriving home, even when it’s been
       a bad day.

1.   When he makes you VERY glad the kids have left home and
       you don’t have to close the bedroom door!


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