The World's 25 Shortest Books:


25. My Plan To Find The Real Killers by O.J. Simpson.

24. Things I Wouldn't Do For Money by Dennis Rodman.

23. Bridging The Gap in Race Relations by Louis Farrakhan.

22. America's Honest Lawyers.

21. My Quest For Truth by John Glenn.

20. Why We Need Term Limits by Newt Gingrich.

19. Can't We All Just Get Along? By the IRS.

18. Lessons on Charitable Giving by Al Gore.

17. Dedicated to Monogamy by Madonna.

16. The Engineer's Guide to Etiquette and Fashion.

15. Stand Firm For Your Beliefs by The Republican National Committee.

14. Intelligent Quotes from Gerald Ford.

13. How We Protect Your Children by The Academy of Motion Pictures.

12. The Truth About Global Warming by Al Gore.

11. Adding Value Through Wise Government Spending by The EPA.

10. Ethics in Fund Raising by the Democratic National Committee.

  9. In Support of All Women's Rights by Patricia Ireland.

  8. How To Be Unbiased: An Essay Series
       by The Members of The White House Press Corps.

  7. Women I Haven't Slept With by Bill Clinton.

  6. How to Build A Photographic Memory by George Stephanopolous.

  5. My Favorite Recipes by Hillary Clinton,
       Illustrated by Eleanor Roosevelt.

  4. Retirement Benefits You Can Count On -
       by The Social Security Administration.

  3. Justification of MFN Status for The People's Republic of China.

  2. Character Really Does Matter! by Hillary Rodham Clinton.

      And the World's #1 shortest book is:

  1. The Most Ethical Administration in Our Nation's History!
       by William Jefferson Clinton.


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