Lightening Things Up A Little!

I know you appreciate a good clean joke. This one has been cracking us up at the office for a couple of days. Feel free to use it when you need to lighten things up a little!

A middle-aged man recently bought himself a new Beemer (BMW). He was out on the highway putting it through its paces, fooling along about eighty miles per hour. He was really enjoying himself until he noticed in his rear view mirror that he had picked up a police car in pursuit.

He decided the police car was no match for his new Beemer and punched it. Once he reached about 110 miles per hour, suddenly, his brain started to function normally again, and he decided it would be best to pull over.

The police officer approached him and took his license and registration without saying a word. When he returned, obviously not in a very good mood, he said, “My shift just ended and I really don’t want to have to write you up. If you can give me a good excuse that I’ve never heard before, I’ll let you go this time.”

The man gave it some thought and slowly responded, “My wife left me recently to have an affair with a cop. I was afraid that cop was you, and you were trying to give her back!”

The policeman shook his head and left.

Hope you enjoyed it!

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