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 Thomas Jefferson


       Unconstitutional Actions of President Barack Obama

       Collapse of the Dollar

       The Forgotten Man

       Obama a 'living and breathing nightmare'

       Obama Isn't Working

       Obama Has Increased Debt More than All Presidents

       Survey of Senior Americans Opinions !

       Seniors Decry Microsoft Ruling

       The Great Flaw in Our Social Character

       The Cost of Ignorance

       A Certain Level of Killing

       The Price They Paid

       A Visitor From The Past

       It must have been the guns ! - Paul Harvey

       Is Pres. Clinton Capable of Embarrassment ?

       Send Clinton, Americans Deserve Vacation

       Letters To The Editor - Supporters Fire Back

       Infinite Scandals, Infinite Apathy

       Clinton Photo Album  -  (You Can Copy)

       It's Really About Quality Time

       The Presidency and the Character of

       Clinton's (Mob Backed) Campaign

       The Clinton 'Body Count' - Alarm of Dead

       The Clinton Body Count - A Partial List

       Liberal Name-Calling Reaches a New Low

       Gun Control Support Muffled

       Have Gun, Will Vote

       Accuracy In Media - Liberals Bomb in Ratings

       The Debate About Simple Truth

       Gunning For Gore

       Amoral America

       Top Ten Hillary Clinton Campaign Slogans

       Hillary's Quest for Power  -  (You Can Copy)

       Extortion Parading as Law: The War on Guns

       MM Marchers Ransack pro-gun display

       We Don't Need A Lie Detector with Clintons

       Clinton Legacy: convictions, crooked, deaths

       Live Witnesses That Refused

       Clinton's Revenge on Enemies

       An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton

       Just Say NO - To Hillary

       Web Porn - Scandal Rocks White House

       Our Country, when Clintons are Finally Gone

       12 ethical legacies of Clinton presidency

       Al Gore Bugs America

       Whitehouse contractor telling of threats

       Whitehouse contractors tell of jail threats

       The Electoral College: A Flaw in our System?

       Gore: No Controlling Legal Authority

       Election Feedback - Indecision 2000

       Fighting Tyranny With the Electoral College

       The Trouble With Recounts- (See for yourself)

       Sabotage of WhiteHouse by Previous Tenants

       Clinton Didn't Have To Pardon

       Zogby Poll:  American Values


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Senior Issues Return