TELLING me that Hillary Clinton is a liar is a little like telling me that boiling water scalds.

But it had to be done, and it was great that we did it. Chris Hitchens, a self-confessed liberal political bomb thrower, said it simply:

"Oh, yes, I have little doubt she said it - probably to her own surprise."

Hitchens, who has caused no end of mischief in Washington, was talking about The Post's explosive move to give Paul Fray a lie-detector test. Fray, you'll remember, said Hillary called him a "f- - - ing Jew bastard" in 1974 and Hillary, of course said it never happened.

In the polygraph test, he forthrightly claimed again that Hillary hurled the anti-Semitic slur.

And guess what.

He passed.

"Oh, yes, she probably certainly said it. That would be part of her angry makeup, although I don't think she's anti-Semitic," said Hitchens.

Hitchens has recently written a book called "No One Left to Lie To," which, as a conservative, I must say is a pretty good book from the left.

In it, Hitchens, who always causes trouble in Washington, examines a litany of lies by the Clintonistas.

"Strangely enough, of course, if Clinton himself, let's forget Hillary, was put under a lie-detector test, he would pass with flying colors," Hitchens was saying in a phone conversation from Los Angeles.

"And that simply just goes down to the fact that he's a pathological liar. And pathological liars, I suspect, can pass lie-detector tests."

However, Larry Klayman, chairman of Washington's conservative Judicial Watch, says: "Sadly, the comments with regards to her Jewish slur are consistent with the language that she uses in the White House all the time."

We've gone through the Hillary-Yankee fan phase, we have gone through the kissing of Suha Arafat phase, we have gone through Hillary's "little wife" routine - in which she said she had nothing to do with influencing her husband's decisions and then told us completely the opposite.

Her lies, compounded by Bill Clinton's lies, would be amusing if you were in Peruvian politics - but this is America.

The bar of fidelity to the truth is set so low that anyone who accuses the Clintonistas of duplicity, crookedness or outright lying is looked on as a little idiotic.

It's a case of recognizing that Mike Tyson bites the ears off opponents.

"Of course he did, but you know Mike," is the response. "You know how Mike is."

It is a sad case where people concede up front that the Clintons are beasts with the truth, so what's the big deal? You knew that coming in. Poor us.

So Barbra Streisand will sing for millions and give them money, knowing full well they are both pathological liars.

The tragedy with the Clintonistas is that they're not embarrassed by the litany of lies, it is something else.

They are embarrassed by the fact, these millionaire Hollywood moguls, that with all their money and sophistication they can fall for such a massive Ponzi scheme.

How could all these millionaires, so many of them legitimate and committed Jews, fall for the giggle of a couple of redneck anti-Semites?

Despite what liberal author Hitchens might say about Hillary, I can't see anyone calling anyone a "f- - - ing Jew bastard," without poison on their tongue.

I stand before you as a regular blasphemous brute who has scant concern for the politically correct.

But I'm paralyzed with amazement.

She allegedly calls someone a "f- - - ing Jew bastard," and people are pretending it matters not.

When will she get around to the rest of us? Blacks, Hispanics, Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Buddhists, Shinto, Calathumpian?

I can hardly wait for the bile.



Posted Opinions:


Hilary is VINDICTIVE. Watch out. If she ever gets to the White House, we will all be toast.

by Kay


Hillary has a sense of personal entitlement to anything she wants.
In her mind, anything or anybody who gets in her way is a criminal deserving of punishment.

by RLK


"The issue is a president, a lawyer, having sworn to tell the truth,
the whole truth and nothing but the truth......"
"...so help me God."
No respect for Country, no respect for the constituents,
no belief in Our Maker.

by GS


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