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                    Bill Always loved a good time.   I just wanta have fun !Bill Always loved a good time.

Bill's Leg-I-See !

Where he's from, His Legacy.
( His Leg-I-See ! )


                            What He Promised   (Ha Ha)           What He Promised


Which way are the winds blowing
Where he lives now.    Isn't that a new flag


                 He gave us all the finger !    Then He gave us all the finger


                 Honest - I didn't do that   (Worlds biggest Liar)  Honest - I didn't do that  Bill Screwed Us and he will screw you too


                I still love a good time anytime I can get it !    Bill Still loves a good time


               According To Bill         According to Bill


             Who ME    (Yes You)      Who ME


                I earned this place, but they can't get me.                    I earned this place too, but I'll get away with it.
              Their Best Pictures:  Legends in their own crimes


                       Wish he would go away !      Wish he would go away



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