Web Porn - Scandal Rocks White House



The explosive topic -- revelations of massive hard-core Internet pornography within the White House. "Web-porn scandal rocks White House," reports that a consultant hired last year to help the White House prepare for Y2K first discovered massive pornographic video files passing through the White House computer system's Internet firewall.

"The real-time video files -- which came from hard-core porn sites featuring homosexual, farm-animal and teen sex acts -- were so large in byte volume that they accounted for most of the traffic coming into the firewall," .

The ensuing White House investigation, turned up "shocking" results. One White House source familiar with the investigation said, "There were the significant names. I can say, yes, West Wing. There was women too."



Notes: This probably doesn't surprise nobody anymore, but it is still disgusting and sick.  To think that the people were foolish enough to
select people like this to run our country is a cause for real concern.




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