Our Country, when the Clintons
are Finally Gone




The Clintons have done incalculable damage to the culture and character of this nation. Yes, America has had problems as we have been giving up our collectives souls, but the Clintons were clearly more than merely a symptom. The Clintons are a disease.

What will be different when they are finally yanked kicking and screaming from the national state? Some ideas come to mind immediately.

Mothers will not have to answer the questions from their seven year olds asking to explain oral sex and semen stains.

Those going into a courtroom will be expected to not commit perjury.

If whistleblowers have information about criminality, they do not need to fear for their jobs or lives if they tell the truth.

Red Chinese arms dealers will not have a red carpet welcome into the White House.

A commerce secretary will not need to fear going on a trade mission because he knows too much.

Sudanese aspirin factories will once again be safe.

Government attorneys will be able to walk into Ft. Marcy Park instead of being dumped there.

Visitors will be able to walk through the White House without their shoes sticking to the floor.

We will be proud instead of embarrassed to use the word "president" in front of the name of the man who sits in the oval office.

Soldiers will once again know that the leader who comes to visit the troops is on their side.

Moms and dads will no longer fear for their daughters who are privileged to be chosen to work in the White House.

We will once again believe the words we hear from a press secretary at a press conference.

The Justice Department will once again dispense justice on behalf of the people.

Filthy, disgusting people will not be renting the bed of a revered president.

Larry Flynt will go back and crawl into the sewer.

Chester James Carville will have his face on the wall in a post office.

We will admire instead of despise the first lady.

Our allies will once again trust us and our enemies will once again fear us.

Rosie O'Donnell will be discovered beached at Malibu.

Condoms and crack pipes will not be found on the White House Christmas tree.

Evidence required by a court of law will no longer be hidden in the third floor residence of the White House.

The White House database computer will be used for government business.

Foreign spies will no longer be welcome in our national laboratories.

The Secret Service will get to protect a first lady who does not hurl obscenities at them.

The list can go on and on, but you get the picture. A most disgusting and vile pig of man and his equally miserable wife finally need to just go disappear. May the fumigation soon begin.


Remember: STOP Repeat Offenders.    Don't  re-elect  them !




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