Election Feedback: 
Indecision 2000



I voted for George W. Bush, but at the time was under the impression that I was voting for his dad. I would now like to have the entire state of CT redo the election. Can you help me or, in the alternative, tell me where if can find an attorney who will sue everybody so that I get to have my way.




Me and approximately 250,000 of my friends voted for Al Gore but intended to vote for George W. Bush.

We just made a mistake in the ballot box. You should trust this because we cried and we believe our rights were taken away.

So just go ahead and switch those votes to Gov. Bush.




How many Palm Beach Democrats does it take to screw in a lighbulb?

None. They can't find the hole!



I picked the wrong lottery numbers from last night. Now that I found out the numbers, can I re-pick numbers after I know the results so I can win the money????



I was in a crack-induced haze. Do I get a chance to revote, if I don't remember for whom I voted?



We use a punch card system in Ft. Myers, Fla. While I was voting, a flying bug got stuck in my eye and caused my eye to well up with water. This of course impaired my vision. Because my vision was impaired I realized that I accidentally voted for Al Gore. Upon realizing this tragic and grave mistake, I left the voting booth, folded the ballot in half, walked across the room, and then reluctantly dropped the ballot in the ballot box.

Since this election is so close and there is no doubt that the bug was still flying around the polls when I left, there is a possibility that other people may have accidentally voted for Al Gore. Therefore, if the will of the people is to prevail, all people who had bugs in their eyes while voting should be able to recast their vote.

Thank You


I could have made a mistake when I voted in Louisiana. If Florida gets to vote again, can we vote again in Louisiana too? Why not let all states vote again?



I experienced some irregularity while voting in Washington state. I had been eating a diet really consisting of a lot of breads, etc. and I just started cramping up right in the booth while voting. In Washington we use a "connect the dots" method of voting. Because of the pain that I was in, I just started scribbling all over the page. I am not certain for whom I voted.

Since my experience in the booth I have been on a steady diet of greens and prunes and am feeling much better. I think that if Washington State had a re-vote I would be in better condition to know what was on the ballot instead of fighting off the pain of constipation.

I really appreciate opening up a forum like this for me to air this problem. I do not think that it is unreasonable to think that there are many others in the state of Washington -- and perhaps nationwide -- that were suffering from constipation. This would make voting really difficult. There should be a mandated period of at least 48 hours where everyone is only allowed to eat greens. That would really take care of this issue in the future.



America is Waiting


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