Clinton's 1974 (mob backed) campaign




The Washington Post has run yet another article trashing those who have blown the whistle on the Clintons -- "their back-stabbing, story-changing, leg-iron-wearing friends." The article starts off on Paul Fray of HRC slur fame who helped Clinton in his first (and losing) congressional campaign in 1974. But the Post, like other major media, fail to tell the really interesting story about that campaign, namely that it was funded in no small part by Clinton's Uncle Raymond, who provided a $10,000 loans and some free houses to use for campaign activities. Raymond's drinking buddy, druggist and back room gambling operator, Gabe Crawford, offered his private plane.

So who was Uncle Raymond? Well, when Bill Clinton was 7, his family moved from Hope, Arkansas, to the long-time mob resort of Hot Springs, AR. Here Al Capone was said to have had permanent rights to suite 443 of the Arlington Hotel. Clinton's stepfather was a gun-brandishing, alcoholic who lost his Buick franchise through mismanagement and his own pilfering. He physically abused his family, including the young Bill. Bill's mother was a heavy gambler with mob ties. According to FBI and local police officials -- as reported by Roger Morris in "Partners in Power" -- Uncle Raymond, to whom young Bill turned for wisdom and support, was a colorful car dealer, slot machine owner and gambling operator, who lived on the fault line of criminality and whose house was once firebombed. Uncle Raymond's gambling operations were franchised by the Marcello organization of New Orleans. Thus began Bill Clinton's career as a mob-backed pol.



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No surprise to me. I've always been interested in mob history, as it were, and have read voluminously on the subject. I recognized the brotherhood's fingerprints on Citizen Clinton long ago.

The mark is unmistakeable, to those who recognize it:

1. The unexplained deaths.

2. The connections to illegal drug use and supply (as a money making enterprise).

3. The quick rise to power of an intellectual inferior.

4. The exhibition of monetary luxuries which are not justified by historical income.

5. His wife is from Chicago.

6. The loyalty of said wife in the face of obvious extra-marital affairs.

7. The closeness to associates who are now in jail.

8. The corruption of local law enforcement by then Governor Clinton.

9. The fondness for "vendetta".

10. His wife is from Chicago.

The only thing missing is Sicilian ancestry. Feel free to add to the list, those of you who understand La Cosa Nostra......

by JMR




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