"Top Ten Hillary Clinton Campaign Slogans."


From the May 17 Late Show with David Letterman,
The "Top Ten Hillary Clinton Campaign Slogans."


10. "Because No Clinton Has Ever Disgraced The Office Of Senator"

 9.  "I'll Try Not To Misplace Or Shred Important Legislation"

 8.  "Endorsed By The CBS Jesus"

 7.  "If You Slept With My Husband, The Least You Can Do Is Vote
        For Me"

 6.  "I've Loved Every One Of The 17 Days I've Spent Here In
        New York"

 5.  "Of The Two Insane Power-Hungry Candidates, I'm Better At
        Pretending To Be Nice"

 4.  "Vote For Me Or I'll Have Bill Poison Your Water Supply"

 3.  "Never Indicted...Knock On Wood!"

 2.  "I Can Run New York -- Hell, I Ran The Whole Country"

 1.  "Wait'll You See The Scandals I'm Planning!"


& 0. "Indictment-Free Since '93"


& -1. "Fighting For Jobs, Education, and Whatever Else You Need To
           Pretend To Care About These Days"


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