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 Frequently Asked Questions

 Frequently Asked Questions
Table of Contents

  1. After I send you my contact information, what happens
    next ... ?

  2. What is the usual procedure when someone is interested
    in obtaining insurance coverage ... ?

  3. Will the information I give you remain private ... ?

  4. When I give you my home address, someone won't just
    show up on my doorstep, will they ... ?

  5. Will I be put under any pressure or any obligation at all
    by requesting insurance information ... ?

  6. Is having a local office really such an advantage ... ?

  7. All this internet and electronic mail and fax seems so
    impersonal, is it really ... ?

  8. What if for some reason I don't like my insurance policy,
    can I get my money back ... ?

  9. After I get my insurance, what do I do when I have any
    questions or problems ... ?

  10. Will I have to give lots of information to someone each time
    I call in for help ... ?

  11. Can I request an agent or a particular agent to help me ... ?

  12. What browser works best for a website ... ?


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