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What browser works best for a website ... ?

Unfortunately, the browser formats are not completely standardized. In other words,
it is difficult to have everything work as designed in all browser types, without having
many duplications that will work in each type. This is either almost impossible or really
impractical. Being that the large majority of the browsers used today are the Microsoft
Internet Explorer, we optimized our website for that browser. You should have "I.E. 7"
or higher for many of the areas of a website to work properly. Simply put, there are
areas of our website that use advanced features that won't work or be seen on lesser
browsers. This will be the situation with many modern websites on the web. If you do
not have I.E. 7 or higher (or one of the latest competing browsers), then
we strongly recommend you to get it. You are missing much of what the internet
has to offer, if you don't. You can get this totally Free, just by downloading it at
the Microsoft website and this is very easily done by anybody.

* Click on "Insider Tips" on our home page for more information about this.


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