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Our Association and it's Website Domain's

We are known as:

American Retired Persons Association


American Retired Persons

Arizona American Retired Persons

Arizona American Retired Persons Association

American Retired Persons Assurance Association

Arizona American Retired Persons Assurance Association


We have been called all of these various names,
however we are always still the same organization.

We do not use just letters, or any acronym's
for our name as other organizations have done.
Yes our name or names are long, generally too long,
but we do this knowing that many organizations have
similarities in their names, so ours are spelled out.


Being in the business for almost 35 years serving the people of Arizona well with outstanding service and insurance products we have become known by several of the above names and even other combinations. We have resisted the using of initials and the shortening of our name, however many people have done so and thus we are called several slightly different names. Long names like ours simply will have this problem. Even though people do shorten our name at times they certainly know who we are. Even though in all our many years being in business there has never been any confusion on this, we still want to be perfectly clear here in stating that we are in no way any part of the AARP organization or any other senior organization, nor do we use any letters as abbreviations. We offer different products and services that we feel are the very best and are excellent choices for our clients best interest. We may also hold different points of view politically as well. Many areas of the AARP organization and or many other senior organization's we may like or approve of, however in several areas we do feel can be greatly improved upon, and so we believe that we represent the average senior's needs, and their interests much more adequately. Our organizational business is insurance services, however we help seniors as a labor of love in many different ways. We love what we are able to do for seniors, in our having the ability to help them and to make a difference in their lives. Thank you so much for coming to our organization's website, we hope that you enjoy it. Remember that we are in a position to help most seniors that request help. Just give us the chance to show you what we can do for you. Excellent coverage's along with great rates and with the finest Local Service that won't disappoint you, is what we do. Yes we are different, and we do things much differently, especially in Personal Service. Instead of someone at the end of an 800 line, we have Local Service, and you will get your own Personal Agent, that knows you, and helps you, when you need help. We have been doing this for a very long time, so find out as so many others have done, why we are your best place for all your senior insurance service needs.    Thank you



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