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What if for some reason I don't like my insurance policy, can I
get my money back ... ?

We don't have unhappy customers and we don't want any.  If that was your
decision, then that is just fine with us, however that decision is really up to
the underwriter of the policy and the State insurance law.  In other words,
according to the free look period and cancellation policies provided, if done
within the allotted time period you would receive a full refund. After that time
period has past, most policies allow for a refund of unearned premium upon
cancellation. These provisions vary policy to policy and should be asked on
an individual basis. It is never our intention to keep your premium money or
to have any unhappy customers. We seldom ever run across this problem as
our policies are very High Quality and well understood in advance, so that
there are no disappointments or surprises.


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