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What is the usual procedure when someone is interested in
obtaining insurance coverage ... ?

The Association uses this method or procedure to assure we do the very best
professional job for our seniors. Our goal here is to get for you, the very best
coverage at the least cost to you with the best safeguards and service in the
industry. It is our goal to take as little of your money as possible. You will find
many differences you will like about us, as we will earn your trust. We start by
finding out what you want to accomplish, your needs and your objectives along
with other personal information. Based on that information we will then inform,
educate, and advise you on all the options available to accomplish your goals
for you to decide upon. We simply don't use any type of pressure at all. We
invite comparisons. Work at your own speed. We are here to help anytime you
need us. You decide in your own time. Our comfortable relaxed methods have
worked well for us, as our customers will make their own decisions and we will
usually get a new client.     I'm a Representative and we're here to Help You.    When you say yes is when we go to work
for you, securing your wishes and being there with personal contact by your
own personal agent before, during, and after. Your personal agent will get to
know you very well and keep detailed records to assist anytime there is any
need. You will love this service, our personal attention just can't be beat.
Because we are true senior professionals and understand the industry as we
do, there simply is not a cookie cutter, one size fits all approach that works well.
There are many differences and variables. We work with you to help you get
what is truly best for you and your needs. This service of real knowledge and
expertise that we offer is very valuable,  but it is free to you just for the asking.
Feel free to contact us, it won't be an unpleasant experience. You will be happy
that you did.

                ---->   You can truly relax and enjoy yourself with us !                                      We are your friends and we act like it. You really can relax
with us and enjoy
the experience.

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