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All this internet and electronic mail and fax seems so impersonal,
is it really ... ?

The world is changing so fast. There simply are so many people now. Look at
your area, how fast it is growing. The business world has to find faster ways to
do things. E-mail is very fast, minutes instead of days. Nobody likes to wait, but
this is a constant problem now. Notice how long you have to wait on the phone
for things now. Today's electronic means through the internet, e-mail, and fax
really move much faster, and more gets accomplished, and everyone likes that.
This is especially good for moving information and documents quickly. Even
though you can't see or hear us
 We Are Alive ! we are real live breathing people,
here willing to serve you well as promptly as is possible. We also use the phone
as well for contact and information. We also do have direct personal contact
later with persons wanting to become policyholders.

                Personal Agent providing service in clients home.


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