World's Finest Browser,

Get Internet Explorer 9    
 It's Totally Free !

As we stated in F.A.Q.s No.12, you should be using the latest
browser and at least a Version 7. If you don't, you're limited as to
what you can be doing and seeing on the internet. There were
major improvements made from the older browsers, Now the latest
is the Version 9, which is said to be as much as 60% faster.
Why be without this, when you can get it absolutely Free, just by
downloading it.  If you already have an older version of Internet
Explorer, it will install automatically over the top of your older
version and you will then have the latest. This couldn't be easier !
You can also get Microsoft Outlook Express with it, if you're still
using Microsoft XP. Microsoft Outlook Express is a very good
Email program that is said to be one of the best.

Just go to the Microsoft Website at
and Click On  Download Now.

 It Really is Very Easy !

Click Here to Test your Current Browser.
(This will tell you what you currently have.)


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