Peoples Rights

 Love My Country - Fear My Government

 Protect Your Rights !


        England Used to Be a Country of Men

        Britainís Criminal Utopia

        Londoners Die for Want of A Gun

        No Gunfights at the Saloon

        The Bill of Rights........Read Them !

        Gun Control

        Legal Definition of  "The Militia"

        Our 2nd Amendment - Original Perspective

        The Bill of Rights & the States

        Guarantees of Right in State Constitutions

        Founding Fathers On the Individual Right

        Virginia's Great Dissenters

        Madison & the Bill of Rights

        The Bill of Rights: A BRIEF HISTORY (ACLU)

        Rulings make clear what Second means

        Firearms Laws For Arizona

        Latest Firearms Laws For Arizona   (PDF)

        Latest Gun Laws in Arizona

        Charlton Heston.....Speaks To You

        Dirty Little Secret of the Gun Control Lobby

        Government by Lawsuit .....

        Darrell Scott's Message Before Congress

        The Facts about gun violence

        Guns and Self Defense

        You Can't Beat an Armed Woman

        The Police Stood Idle

        Yale's John Lott Says.....

        The Culture Of Gun Hatred

        Frontal Assault

        Constitutional Rights Threatened:

        Licensing And Registration

        The Noble Uses of Firearms

        Why Good People Own Guns

        Ignorance Fuels Media's Anti-Gun Stance

        Pro-Gun Woman Counter 'M M' Message

        No Self-Defense Allowed ?

        Rediscovering the Forth Amendment

        Freedom: A Bargain at Any Price

        Is Your Doctor A Spy ?

        Paul Harvey on Guns

        Jane thought 911 was enough

        NRA Puts Up $1 Million for Safe Kids

        NRA sees Record Growth

        Police Searches & Seizures Without Warrants!

        Government Judges - Control Constitution

        No "License" Needed for Right to Self-Defense

        Every 13 sec., Gunowners use firearm, Defense

        Essay: Why I Will Not Obey Registration Edict

        Can we Keep the Republic ?

        A Matter Of Trust

        Right of Government or Right of the People

        Founders Not NRA, Originated People Armed

        Disturbing Trend Toward Federal Police

        Monitoring Law-Abiding Americans

        Demand that Carnivore be Stopped !

        How Dead are the Bill of Rights ?

        Law Enforcement Supports Gun Owners

        A Second Look at the 2nd Amendment

        How Did Founders Understand Right ?

        Congressman Fears Police State & Murder

        Sizing Up the Assault on Property Rights

        Walter Mitty's Second Amendment

        Citizens Defend Themselves With Guns


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