A Second Look at the 2nd Amendment




Dan Frisa

The shock-troop tactics of the Clintons, in their armed raid on a Miami home, provide an apt opportunity for a renewed look at the Second Amendment — in a present-day, real-life context.

For far too long we’ve heard the hollow argument that there is no genuine need in this day and age for the public to own arms to protect themselves against even lawbreakers, much less from an oppressive government.

In fact, any such expression has been portrayed as the "rantings of extremists" or the "paranoia of militia madness."

But now let’s review the actual, horrible reality which was recently displayed for all the world to see: dozens of Clinton-armed combat troops, brandishing loaded, automatic weapons, breaking down doors and forcibly removing a child from his family!

Though surreal by its very nature, this inexcusable abuse actually did occur, during Easter weekend, in full view of the world, in spite of a ruling by the United States Court of Appeals granting full due process rights to Elian. This is what happens when the rule of law is trampled by an out-of-control government, and this is what we are all subject to when those in power literally deem themselves above the law.

What are law-abiding citizens to think when the unthinkable happens? Where do we turn when our courts and our sacred rights are trampled?

It may well be time to give a second look to our Second Amendment and to ponder once again the wisdom of our founding fathers, who knew only too well the threat that an oppressive government posed:

"...The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be abridged”

Rather than succumb to feel-good double talk, we would all do well to give thoughtful consideration to our own well-being and the guarantees that were intended to protect us — from them.




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