Health Away from Home

Travel Essentials for Adults

by Caroline Grannan

First Aid Kit

bulletContainers of water, refilled at every chance.

bulletPower Bars or other quick-energy food.

bulletYour health-insurance card and contact information for your doctor and health plan. (Travel Medical Insurance Strongly Recommended)

bulletA passport filled out with medical information.

bulletHealth-insurance claim forms -- even if your health plan doesn't normally require the patient to handle them.

bulletA first-aid kit, including bandages, scissors, tweezers and medications (such as a topical antibiotic for minor wounds).

bulletBirth control.

bulletCondoms and an unwavering commitment to safe sex, for those who may find romance on the road.

bulletSpare eyeglasses, spare contact lenses and lens solutions, and an eyeglass repair kit.

bulletAntibacterial hand sanitizer.

bulletComfortable, broken-in walking shoes and blister protection.


bulletInsect repellent.

bulletHand and body lotion.

bulletLip balm.

bulletPrescription medications in original containers, clearly labeled. Don't put them in checked luggage.

bulletCopies of prescriptions.

bulletAny supplements you normally use.

bulletPainkillers, over-the-counter or prescription.

bulletAn antihistamine, over-the-counter or prescription.

bulletAn antacid and a nausea remedy.

bulletA diarrhea remedy, over-the-counter or prescription.

bulletAn over-the-counter steroid cream for itching and irritation.


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