People talk about the left vs. the right.
Well there is a left in America for sure, attached to
the very opposite of what America stands for.
But what people mistakenly call the right is really
the core -- central values that make America
the shining beacon of freedom it is.

The Constitutional Divide
Defining the split in America's values

America's "LEFT"
Collectivist Values
America's "CENTRIST"
Moderate Values
Often associated with Democrats, neither party fits traditional left-right political outlines any longer. LEFTISTS have drifted toward statism, abandoning individual rights in favor of “collective” rights of government, or of no person in particular.
Sometimes associated with Republicans, who are now almost as statist as Democrats. Often but inaccurately called the right, CENTRISTS hold core values America was founded upon. A true right-wing faction (fascism) is pretty scarce at present.
The purpose of government is:
To do for people all the things
they cannot do for themselves.
The purpose of government is:
To protect life, liberty, property
and do what’s in Art. I Sec. 8.
Also known as: liberal, progressive, left,
statist, socialist, communist, marxist
Also known as: conservative, centrist, right, originalist, constitutionalist, classical liberal
Favors abundant or total government control
Favors delegated limited government control
Big government
Small government
Centralized power
Supremacy of the state
Supremacy of the individual
Government is the master
Government is the servant
Coercive social policy
Self ownership
Control people for the common good
Individual rights are inviolate
Living or interpreted Constitution
Rule of law and original intent
Action as needed to help people
Enumerated delegated powers only
Give people everything they want
Do only those tasks specifically assigned
Direct elections, a democracy
Electoral college, a republic
Raise taxes
Lower taxes
Ask tax recipients to support tax increases
Ask tax payers to reject tax increases
Redistribution of wealth
Ownership of fruits of labor
Wage and price manipulation, Keynes
Free markets, von Mises
Union organizing
Right to work
Control offensive speech
Free speech
Political correctness, Saul Alinsky
Freedom of thought, Ayn Rand
Gun control and confiscation
Gun rights and marksmanship
E Pluribus Unum
Diversity, quotas, affirmative action
Laissez faire and meritocracy
Self reliance
Nanny state
Private charity
Government jobs
Free enterprise
Eminent domain
Private property
Following and conformity
Leadership and exceptionalism
Illegal immigration
Managed immigration
Federal education standards
Home rule
Socialized government-run health care
Private practice of medicine
One world government and the U.N.
National sovereignty and unilateral policy
Evolution and Darwinism
Divine intervention and Creationism
Sanctity of life
Moral relativity and secularism
Morality and religion
Eating meat is murder
Man is master of the animals
Runs on emotion, overbearing
Relies on thought, load bearing
You can do whatever we allow
Just leave us alone and we’ll be just fine


Copyright 2009 Alan Korwin
Permission to copy and circulate, with credit and without charge, gladly granted.


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