State of the American Family


State of the American Family
America's Voice February 20 
Carmen Pate


In President Bill Clinton's recent State of the Union address, he told the American people--that's you and I -- that our nation is in good shape. The economy is good, we're experiencing relative peace, we're working to move people from welfare to work: the list of positive indicators goes on.

But, what's the state of the American family? How are the Smiths and the Joneses of this nation faring in this year of our Lord, 1998? I'll be honest with you: we're not doing well. And, the more comfortable Uncle Sam becomes in the living rooms of America, the more the family suffers.

Uncle Sam darkened our doorway and began to dictate to us how to raise our children. The public education system that was established by our founding fathers as a means for teaching every child the Word of God became a vehicle for the federal government to turn our children from God and His law.

Our children are taught to tolerate homosexuality, but to frown upon Christianity; to trust teachers and government more than parents and God. Instead of affirming what is being taught in the home, our schools have become an enemy of the family.

Uncle Sam sat down on the couch and told us our view of family is too narrow. A mother and a father are the traditional model for the American family, but not the only one. The 1990s gives us many options. Little Joey may have two mommies or two daddies. He may have even been harvested in a lab and carried to term by a surrogate mother. But, that doesn't mean Joey won't be normal. All you need is love, and the law and the courts have defined for us what love is.

Uncle Sam then propped his feet on the coffeetable and observed that the size of our family was too large. Had we heard about this country's beloved freedom to choose? We don't have to be burdened with a child if we don't want him. If we don't feel like we can handle a "fetus," or, if we've discovered it has some abnormalities that would attract ridicule and scorn, we can abort it, even up to the ninth month. And, when family members become too old or too sick, with a flip of a switch, we can end their suffering and lighten our load.

And, the longer Uncle Sam has stayed, the more of a strain he's been on our family budgets. So, both Mom and Dad--or facsimiles thereof-- had to enter the workforce. The children had to be entrusted to someone else's care. "No need to be concerned, though," said Uncle Sam. "I'll help you out." And, even though you didn't trust him with your children, he volunteered to watch them for you-- at an additional cost, of course.

Concerned Women for America thinks Uncle Sam has outlasted his welcome, and it's time for us to let him know it. Uncle Sam should not be controlling our lives, but enhancing them. He should not be posing a threat to our families, but supporting them. He should not defy God, but acknowledge God with every decision he makes.

Until our government understands its proper role, the state of the American family will be poor at worst, uncertain at best. And, whether this current Administration or any future one acknowledges it or not, our stability as a union is totally dependent upon the strength of our families.

If you would like to join CWA in our fight to protect the American
family, give us a call at 1-800-458-8797.


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