Personal Responsibility
by Deb


Personal responsibility: it sounds so simple, so logical and so natural. Unfortunately, too many people in our society have forgotten exactly how it works. It really is an easy thing to do; you simply take responsibility for yourself, your actions, and your life! But instead of taking responsibility for their lives, too many people look for someone or something to blame. Their mantra is: "I am a victim".

A perfect example of the rampant irresponsibility in this country is the almost epidemic amount of frivolous lawsuits filed everyday. There are drunks who kill people and the bartender is sued; there are people who spill hot coffee on themselves and sue the person who sold them the coffee. There are too many people who sit around hoping they can find a good lawsuit around the next corner. There are too many of us who are just too willing to blame others for the problems in our lives.

Some might think my opinions are cruel or harsh. Others may say I can't make those kinds of judgments until I have walked in those people's shoes. Well, I have walked in my own shoes. I have had hard lumps in my life, like many in the real world. The difference is, I never blamed others or expected others to help me. I fought each battle with my family and friends by my side.

My parents died when I was 19, and at 22 I almost lost my husband in a car accident when some kids were drag racing and put him in a coma. These are my real-life problems. My own experiences have taught me that it is not the government or lawyers that will solve my problems; I need to solve my own problems. In fact, I would have a better life if the government would step aside and stay out of it more.

Another example of irresponsibility is the government welfare system. Many people believe welfare is a necessary service. I believe it should be used as a safety net, but not used as a hammock. I understand that there are some people who truly need help, and I am fully support helping them; however, there is no reason in the world why anyone needs to be on the dole for more than a few months.

I have lived in many parts of this country, and I have always been able to find some kind of work. It was not always glamorous work, nor was it big money, but I have never been too proud to work hard for my family.

Many people today have forgotten those values and work ethics. Why bother with work when welfare and the government will take care of your needs? How truly sad, indeed, to be willing to give up your liberty for a small sum of cash each month that keeps you trapped in such a unhappy, unhealthy and unproductive lifestyle.

Maybe personal responsibility is old fashioned, and maybe it is not politically correct, but I can't think of anyone or anything that can do better for you than you! Sitting back waiting for someone or something to save you and fix all your problems is nothing less than tragic.

The law suits on tobacco companies in another prime example of not taking responsibility for your own actions. We have been fully aware of the dangers involved in smoking for years. It is a personal choice and we know it's a chance we are taking every time we light up. To later become sick and blame the tobacco company is absurd. Who forced you to light up that smoke? You made the choice; you need to face up to the consequences of your actions.

I live in "Washington" state and the bartenders in this area are required to take a 6-hour course called "tips" (this is in addition to all the other licenses and training.). This course teaches the many "complicated" ways of spotting a drunk. It also teaches that if you serve some one a drink and they proceed to kill someone, you the bartender can and will be found liable. When did it become the bartender's job to baby-sit you when you drink? The day we let the government step in and say that it is. Imagine you are not capable of saying "I can't drink another because I have to drive". The bartender must determine when you are too drunk, make you angry and tell you no more. And if the bartender doesn't determine the exact moment to cut you off, he or she can be faced with a lawsuit.

It really is a funny but sad thing to see what extremes we are going through to protect ourselves from lawsuits. Not so long ago I bought my son a Batman outfit for his birthday present. Stamped in big red letters on the cape it read, "warning, wearing cape does not enable wearer to fly". I am sure that was put there for no other reason then to protect them from lawsuits.

Have you seen the new bucket warnings? It has a picture of a baby with its head in the bucket with a big red circle and slash through it, to tell us we shouldn't allow babies to put there heads in buckets full of water. It is only a matter of time before we will need to show our cholesterol card before McDonalds will sell us a hamburger.
How far must it go! I don't know, but I do know I will continue to take responsibility for myself as long as I am able. I sure hope you do to.


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