Non-U.S. Citizen Aids Relief:



I think the United States providing health care coverage for non-U.S. citizens is one the worst ideas I have seen in a long time.

We as a country, who rank 37th in the world for providing care for our citizens, are now going to provide care for those not of our country? Senior citizens can't afford their medications, our caring government seems to be unable to help them with the skyrocketing cost, and yet we can afford as a country to bring in and care for those from other countries. Mental health organizations are running out of money to support the needs of the patients they are charged with caring for. I think our government should learn to make sure its own citizens have their health care needs covered, and make sure it is affordable and available to each and everyone before we start providing care for others.

Congress is always saying that how far in debt our country is, yet time and time again, we are there to provide for the needs of other countries that our own citizens can not satisfy. I do not normally speak out in such arena as this, but when I saw the report on our country providing care for other countries' HIV patients, it just upset me. Our government is doing this without asking the people that put them in office, asking if it is something we as tax payers wanted, we those that pay the taxes and yet have to take substandard care because of the high cost of health care we have in this country.

If there is a surplus, then politicians should go and make sure the needs of their citizens are really being taken care of. I have never seen one politician go through a charity hospital and see the what the people who put them in office have to go through. I do feel for those that have such a deadly virus as HIV in other countries, but as an American, I still worry about those I care for first.

James Maddox
Address withheld by request




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