The Need for the Internet and Talk Radio


By Chuck Baldwin
CNS Commentary

One of the cleverest ways the propaganda press has of deceiving and misleading the American public is the manner in which certain news stories are left on the editing room floor.

For example, most everyone recalls the name of Matthew Shepard. This was the young homosexual male who was beaten to death by two drunks in Wyoming. The story made national news. It's still making national news. Virtually every media outlet in the nation told the story over and over again.

But how many people can identify Jesse Dirkhising? This was the young Arkansas boy who was sodomized and murdered by two homosexuals. Isn't it strange how the national media virtually ignored this story?

The fact that homosexuals were perpetrators, not victims, made the story completely uninteresting to a biased, pro-homosexual national press corps.

The same observation can be made with regard to racial bias within the mainstream media. When white men drag a black man to his death, it is national news. When black men do the same thing to a white person, however, it doesn't even rate a mention. Once again, the silence of the propaganda press is deafening.

Here are a few other more recent examples of how the American press selectively reports the news:

A French news report stated that Christians in the Maluku Islands have been forced to convert to Islam or face certain death. It further said that the provincial governor confirmed that at least 9 Christians were killed for refusing to do so.

Did you hear or read anything about this in the American media? Can you imagine how our media would have reported the story if it would have been Christians who had murdered Muslims for refusing to convert to Christianity? But because there is an obvious pro-Islamic, anti-Christian bias within the national media, this story was conveniently overlooked.

From a London newspaper I found the story of two lesbians who had severely abused one of the woman's 11-month old daughter. The report said that the little girl, who is in critical condition in a British hospital, had been savagely abused over an extended period of time.

She had suffered two broken arms, a broken leg and fractured ribs. There were also signs of sexual abuse. The little girl had more than 400 scars on her body, some of which appeared to be blistered cigarette burns, and missing fingernails.

Yet again, because the perpetrators are lesbians, and understanding that there is a conscience pro-homosexuality bias among the national press corps, the American media expressed no interest in reporting this story.

I could give several other examples of how America's mainstream media conveniently and routinely ignore stories that could tilt public opinion away from their predetermined prejudices. However, I think you get the point.

At this juncture, a word of thanksgiving should be expressed for talk radio and the Internet. The bad aspects of these mediums notwithstanding, without them Americans would be even further down the road to enslavement than they already are.

As it is, at least those Americans who desire a fresh alternative to the bigotry and bias of the mainstream media now have access to information that isn't controlled and manipulated by these self-serving propagandists.

The author is host of the Chuck Baldwin Live radio show.


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