"Million Moms" Not Really Concerned about Gun Control


By Lisa S. Dean
CNS Commentary from the "Endangered Liberties" television program
23 May, 2000


Regularly, the liberal news media attempts to portray gun enthusiasts, or those who merely cherish their Second Amendment rights, as lunatics or extremists guarding the watchtowers of their gated communities, waiting for the coming of the Messiah.

More recently, the Million Moms - or perhaps more accurately, "The 100,000 Moms" - attempted to do the same with their march on Washington, but with little effect.

While their intention was to march on the Mall in downtown Washington to protest our Second Amendment rights and condemn anyone who defends them, it appears that many Moms got confused and thought that they were supposed to march on the shopping malls of Washington instead.

According to Doug Thompson, founder of the rag Capitol Hill Blue, Washington, DC-area shopping malls experienced a heavier-than-normal number of shoppers over the weekend. Many of those extra shoppers could be seen wearing their Million Mom March buttons and T-shirts with their children in tow.

Some moms who supposedly came here as part of the Million Mom March, said of the event: "I've never been to Washington. It was a good chance to see the monuments and do a little shopping. It was something different to do on Mother's Day." Tour bus drivers for the event said that the majority of the moms left in the middle of the event and headed for the shopping areas.

While this may strike you as humorous, and not without good reason, it is significant. These women were portrayed by the liberal, gun-grabbing press as concerned mothers, wives, sisters and daughters who were legitimately concerned for the safety and well-being of their families and communities, when in fact, they just wanted a trip to our nation's capital for a little frivolity on Mother's Day or a break from having to sit in the scorching sun at their children's soccer matches.

Now contrast that with those who are also concerned with the safety and well-being of their families and communities but believe, as our Founding Fathers did, that this can be done while protecting our Second Amendment rights at the same time.

Taking a different route from the usual training and safety courses offered by the National Rifle Association and other pro-Second Amendment organizations, a California developer is currently designing a multi-million dollar resort located 40 minutes outside of Las Vegas called Front Sight Training Institute that is being modeled after high-end golf resorts, according to the Las Vegas Sun.

The lowest level of membership will cost $6,000 while the highest level will go for $200,000 and the developers report that so far, twenty-five of the highest level memberships have been sold. The premise for the resort is based on the fact that there is a large number of people in the United States who enjoy shooting for sport or enjoyment.

These are not members of militias or extremist groups but rather doctors, lawyers and businessmen who want more training and experience in handling firearms. The institute will in no way be associated with militias and they do claim that "many of their clients are law enforcement;" in fact, many of their instructors are former members of law enforcement.

According to the developers of the program, courses that will be taught range from Defensive Handguns - open to the public - to the Handgun Master Prep course, but the types of training at the institute go beyond the normal shooting and gun safety courses.

They will also delve into issues related to the moral, ethical and legal discussions surrounding the consequences of using "deadly force" and so forth, that will explain to people the right and responsible way of conducting themselves in situations where they are required to defend themselves or their families.

Chances are that you will never hear favorable comments from the media about the Front Sight Training Institute precisely because it doesn't promote or represent the stereotype that the liberal media wants to paint of pro-Second Amendment people.

So while the "100,000 Moms" - who gave the appearance of wanting to protect their families and communities from gun violence - are out spending their weekend and their money enjoying an air conditioned retail experience, it's those who actually use the guns who will ultimately do more good for their communities.

So a word to the "100,000 Moms": you could better benefit your families and communities much more effectively by staying in the malls and leaving the solution to the gun problem to those who actually understand it and are capable of solving it.

Lisa Dean is vice president for technology policy at the Free Congress Foundation.




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