Liberal Media Bias




Media standards:

It's only wrong when it's done by a Republican. The media has compassion for liberals.

If a liberal rapes, it's not news.
If a liberal lies under oath, "everyone does it".
If a liberal has problems with their child, we need to "feel their pain".
When a liberal leaks information that hurts Republicans, it's an "innocent mistake".
When a liberal uses hate speech against a consevative, it's considered funny.
On the other hand, there is no mistake so small the media won't barbeque a conservative for it.



A CBS camera seems to have caught a disgusted Bryant Gumbel blurting out "What a fucking idiot" just after wrapping up a hostile interview with Robert Knight of the Family Research Council (FRC). The incident occurred at about 7:15am ET Thursday, June 29 following Knight's appearance to defend the Boy Scout policy of excluding gays from being leaders, a policy the Supreme Court had re-affirmed the day before.

Gumbel's hostile reception for Knight had followed a much kinder approach to a representative of Planned Parenthood who had come aboard to support the Court's ruling overturning a law which banned partial-birth abortions.



"But Fidel Castro has really done so much for the Cuban people, though. Free health care. You can't even buy a handgun in Cuba. And you don't have to be the President to enjoy a good cigar there. Little Elian should be fighting to get back home and away from these right-wing zealots who are trying to keep him entrapped in Miami." -- CNBC host Geraldo Rivera on Elian Gonzalez, April 1 Upfront Tonight.

(I suggest Geraldo Rivera take Little Elian's place and we send him back to Cuba. Further, if Cuba is such a great place then why are people dying to get out?)




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