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      Sit back and enjoy your tour,      I'm enjoying what I'm seeing.
      the knowledge you will gain, the ability to design
    your own plan, and realize the exceptional value
    of security when you get your personal quote.

   The Tour has three stages:

  1. Getting to Know Long Term Care.
  2. Choose or Design Your Plan.
  3. Getting Your Personal Quote.

       The first stage you must or should see because everyone
     learns from it. That knowledge is needed for the selection
Therefore when you go through the Tour you will
     then automatically advance to the other two stages.

       There will be another link that goes directly to Getting Your
     Quote, however this should only be used after you have
     seen Getting to Know Long Term Care as that information
     is necessary to making good decisions.
       When taking the Tour, it is very   
 It sure is good to know we're covered.
       important to be sure to click on the extra information links.  
       By clicking on those links whenever you see them, you will then
      be able to see the charts and graphs
and other information.

        I'm here to help you in every way I can.    Please Remember:  We're here to
      help you any time you need it.  This can be confusing for a
      lot of people, we certainly understand this.  You can't be
      expected to know or understand all of this in a few minutes.
      Please don't hesitate to ask for help or information.  That's
      what we're here for.
  You will like the services we provide.

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             What is Long Term Care ?      Getting to Know Long Term Care

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