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Don't Risk Your Independence and Financial Security.
Take Control of Your Long Term Care Needs Today -
You may not know Long Term Care insurance can be the most efficient means of protecting your assets against the threat of Long Term Care costs. With a Long Term Care insurance plan, you are able to retain your independence so that your care is not a burden on your family and loved ones. Planning now is not merely something to consider - in today’s society it is essential.

What is Long Term Care?

Long Term Care is the private sector’s solution to the growing need for quality care. Long Term Care insurance will provide you with the means to pay for all levels of care, including skilled, intermediate and custodial care. This care may occur in several places - at home, in a nursing home or in an alternate care facility. Nursing home stays, home health aids, and assistance with day-to-day activities in the home, such as dressing and meal preparation, are examples that may be covered under your Long Term Care policy. Allow Us to help meet your specific Long Term Care needs.

Long Term Care Facts & Figures

bulletThe average annual cost for nursing home care is $38,000.3 The average length of a stay is 2 years.7 That’s $95,000!
bulletIn the year 2005 alone, it is estimated that 9 million men and women over the age of 65 will require Long Term Care.1
bulletChances are greater than 50% that each of us will require extended care at home or in a nursing home.2
bullet1 in 4 persons who live to age 65 will spend one year or more in a nursing home. 1 in 3 will spend three months or more. 3
bulletReceiving home health aid from a skilled nurse only three times a week will cost around $12,300 annually.3

Will Medicare Help With the Costs?

bulletNationwide, Medicare pays less than 2% of Long Term Care expenses4 and less than 9% for Medicare recipients, as shown in the graph below.
bulletMedicare only pays up to 100 days for skilled nursing care, and even then, only after a three-day hospital stay.4
bulletCustodial care, assistance in areas like bathing, dressing and eating, is not covered under Medicare.4

Medicare simply was not designed to cover your Long Term Care expenses. For long-term security, you will have to consider other options.

Will Medicaid Help with the Costs?

bulletTo qualify for Medicaid, you must meet federal poverty guidelines, forcing you to exhaust personal assets before your care is covered.5
bulletMedicaid recipients have no control over where they receive Long Term Care services.5
bulletThe recent Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) makes it unlawful for people to transfer assets to qualify for Medicaid coverage.5

What Are Your Options?

bulletPersonal Savings. It will probably take 25 years of saving to provide you with as much coverage as a Long Term Care insurance policy.6
bulletAssistance from Family Members or Loved Ones
bulletLong Term Care Insurance. This option allows you flexibility, independence and peace of mind. Transfer the risk to the insurance company.
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