Long Term Care

Cost of Services

Do you know anyone who has stayed in a nursing home or has needed professional home health care? Most of us do. A study by the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services indicates that people of age 65 face at least a 40% lifetime risk of entering a nursing home.  Long-term health care has far-reaching financial consequences that can have a significant impact on a family's savings and lifestyle.

Would you use up a significant part of your savings?  For people who enter a nursing home, the financial outcome can be worse: according to the Congressional Subcommittee on Aging, 70 to 80% of nursing home residents deplete their assets within 12 months.

Cost of Care ! Who Pays ???

Individuals and their families pay 42% of all long-term care costs from their own funds.2

    Medicare, Medicare supplement insurance, and major medical health
    insurance generally will not pay for long-term care expenses.3

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Cost of Services: 2000 and 2030


5% Inflation

3% Inflation




Home Care
Home Health Aide
   per visit
 per year

Assisted Living
   per year
Nursing Home
   per year
Source: American Council of Life Insurers, March 2000
Notes: Per-year calculations for a home health aide assumes five visits per week.


Long Term Care Return                                     Top Return
Long Term Care Return                         Top Return