What To Look For In A
Long Term Care Insurance Policy


A good standard to use is the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) model laws and regulations.

They recommend the following:


bulletAt least one year or two of nursing home or home health care coverage, including intermediate and custodial care. Nursing home or home health care benefits shouldn't be limited primarily to skilled care.

bulletCoverage for Alzheimer's disease.

bulletAn inflation protection option available.

bulletAn "outline of coverage" that systematically describes the policy's benefits, limitations and exclusions. (that allows you to compare it with others)

bulletA guarantee that the policy cannot be canceled, non-renewed, or otherwise terminated because you get older or suffer deterioration in your physical or mental health.

bulletThe right to return the policy within 30 days after having received it for a full premium refund, if after having received the policy, you decide that you do not want it.

bulletNo requirement that policyholders:

- First be hospitalized in order to receive nursing home benefits or home health care benefits,

- or -

- First receive skilled nursing home care before receiving intermediate or custodial nursing home care,

- or -

- First receive nursing home care before receiving benefits for home health care.


Long Term Care Return                           Top Return
Long Term Care Return             Top Return