Health Away from Home

Tips to Insure a Healthy Vacation

By Caroline Grannan


Health insurance insiders offer these tips for travelers:


bulletCarry copies of prescriptions. "They're written in Latin, the universal language of pharmacists,"  notes Richard Coorsh, spokesman for the Health Insurance ssociation of America.

bulletCarry medications with you in their original containers, clearly labeled. Don't put them in checked luggage.

bulletIf you have a chronic health condition, check with your doctor before you travel, and wear a medical alert bracelet.

bulletCarry contact information for your doctor and health plan. Fill out the space in your passport for medical information.

bulletFor international travel, get all recommended (not just required) vaccinations for the specific country and region. Information on vaccinations is available on the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's travel Web page.

bulletPack a first-aid kit, including bandages and medications for minor wounds, over-the-counter medications and tweezers.

bulletProtect your health by wearing seatbelts, using sunscreen, and paying attention to food and water safety.

bulletKeep copies of all bills and records for treatment on the road to submit at home.

bulletCarry copies of insurance claim forms -- even if your plan's procedures don't normally require the member to handle the forms.


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