For The Children

      Frances Emma Barwood - Comments


You thought this was a free country? Again, our government has gotten away with violating the Posse Commitatus Act. That is that no federal troops will be used against a citizen of the United States. Whether you agree that Elian should or should not go back to Cuba with his father, it is the method used once again by the Justice Department and Janet Reno. Waco, Ruby Ridge, many other raids on private citizens and now, Elian Gonzales. When Reno started calling the Gonzales' house a 'COMPOUND' we knew the die was cast. Why didn't the Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush, declare states' rights as per the 10th amendment?

Where is the line in the sand? Is this the future we are willing to condone for our children and grandchildren? There was no court order for them to raid the Gonzales' house, only Reno's orders. Where is the great outrage on the part of our congress? Aren't they supposed to follow our Constitution? Isn't that what their oath of office commits them to do? I am so sad listening to the regular news media condone the government actions. Fox News, however, has been calling it for what it is. Government by the Government. Forget the Bill of Rights. Now if Elian is returned to Cuba he will be put into the same re-education camp that is where Cuban children are put into. Isn't it amazing that our newest immigrants are showing us that, no matter if we agree or disagree with the issue, our government is NOT following the Constitution. I repeat, there was NO COURT ORDER to storm the Gonzales' house. We are seeing the fall of our great nation by gestapo tactics. Isn't that what most of our ancestors and forefathers fought for and escaped from? We need to call our so-called representatives to stop this and charge Klinton and Reno with malfeasance in office.

I now know how the Von Trapp family felt as they watched their country go under Hitler. One Miamian said it all, "WE THOUGHT WE ESCAPED TO A FREE COUNTRY".

Where will it all end?


Frances Emma Barwood
Retired Phoenix Vice Mayor/Councilwoman,




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