Scatter ScreenSaver       

Here's a nice ScreenSaver that you should enjoy. It's Free and Small
in size. When it's active, it cuts up your desktop into lot's of floating
squares and sends them in all different directions to bounce around.
It's .zip file is only 19kb in size (very small) and it takes only a second
to download. When you click on download, a window will ask you to
save it to disk, click OK and select to send it to either your desktop or
to a folder that you create. Just click and unzip the file which creates
2 files, a Readme and the Scatter Screensaver. Just  right-click on the
screensaver and highlight and click "Install". This will put it into your
windows folder where you can select it as your active screensaver in
the Display Properties/Screen Saver window.  You can also right-click
on it and highlight and click "Test" to see what it will look like. As you
know, when you move your mouse, it will go away.  It's so easy to do
and don't worry about causing any problems as it's all self-contained.
Scatter is a 32-bit ScreenSaver for Windows 95/98 and NT/XP.


Click Here to  Download ScreenSaver     ( - 19kb)



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