Pac Man - Click Here to Start the Game


Pac Man
The game we've grown up to love is now written in Java as well.
Complete with the sound effects and smooth graphics.
You won't even know the difference !

Now you can also control the speed of the game,
from a beginner to an expert,
along with sound controls.

Just Click on the Image Above to Start the Game.

You might need to select "FullScreen"
at the top of your browser to see it all.

Read the Instructions in Red and press P to start
and use your keyboard arrow keys to move.

If you are a beginner, may we suggest that you slow down the speed
of the game (you can do that with this game) by pressing on the -(minus) key,
so that you have a better chance at winning.  As you develop the knack,
you can speed it up and go as fast as you would like.


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