An Overview of our Plans
 Toronto, Ontario
Plan Name Highlights Designed For
Visit USA-HealthCare™ Accident/Sickness Medical, Emergency Medical Evacuation and Assistance coverage. Optional High Limit AD&D. For international visitors to the United States, temporary U.S. residents, new immigrants to the U.S.
InterMedical™ Insurance Accident/Sickness Medical, Emergency Medical Evacuation and Assistance. Optional High Limit AD&D up to $500,000. For all people traveling outside the U.S. and outside their home country.
Study USA-HealthCare™ Medical insurance which meets or exceeds the requirements set by the Department of State, Immigration & Naturalization Services, NAFSA and university study abroad programs. Students studying outside their home country.
WorldMed™ Insurance Flexible, international medical insurance plan. Offers 3 levels of accident and sickness coverage, up to $1,000,000. People traveling outside their home country from 15 days to 3 years.
Custom Group Insurance Custom-designed, low cost international medical insurance policies. For a wide variety of groups originating in the U.S., or traveling to the United States.
High Limit Accident Insurance A stand-alone accident plan with optional coverage for war or terrorism, and available limits from $500,000 to $20 million or more. Offered by the week, month, or on an annual basis, whether one is traveling or not. A must for high adventure travel, lengthy trips, or travel to unstable parts of the world. For businesses, to offset the loss of a key employee or principal, as well as for high net worth individuals.

 Travel Medical Return
Travel Medical Return