Major Medical

The International Major Medical Plan provides
needed coverage for only a few dollars a day,
regardless of whether your trip will be a few
days or a few years.

For your personal security, make sure you have complete and
adequate health care coverage while traveling or residing outside
your home area or home country. United States passports state
explicitly that you should check your coverage before traveling or
residing outside the country, as many plans including Medicare,
do not provide coverage outside the U.S..  Many healthcare plans
infer that coverage is worldwide, but they contain serious
exceptions that nearly render the coverage useless.

The Original International Major Medical Plan was created to solve
these problems by providing affordable comprehensive coverage
on a stand-alone basis or in supplement to any social or private

  Common in many plans is a limitation which provides out-of-the area
    coverage for life-threatening conditions only.

    The International Major Medical Plan covers most anything that
     is medically necessary.

  Many plans stipulate that out-of-the-country coverage is limited to an
    initial hospital visit only, not to exceed 48 hours.

    The International Major Medical Plan does not limit the number
    of days in a hospital nor the number of visits made to hospitals.

  Many plans limit the number of days the plan will be effective when you
    leave your home country periods from 15 to 180 days.

   The International Major Medical Plan has no time limit on being
    in force, and it covers you for the entire period of insurance
    outside your home country.

  Many carriers have negotiated contracts or scheduled benefits far
   below what might be billed by care providers in other countries.
   Shock and disappointment are experienced when it is realized that
   reimbursement of costs incurred is limited to 70% of the carrier's
   approved rates. It is not uncommon to find approved rates at 42
   on the dollar. 70% of that 42 is 29 on the dollar. Benefits may be
   further eroded by the currency exchange rate.

    The International Major Medical Plan pays benefits based on
    the usual and customary charges for the area in which
    treatment and care is provided.

  CPT and ICD codes are a product of the United States which enables
   providers and carriers to have a common billing code. Unless a person
   has the advantage of a claims administrator or works for a medical
   billing service, coverage outside the United States will be impossible
   to collect.

    The International Major Medical Plan claims are handled by an
    experienced and respected International Claims Administrator.

  Some specialized health plans of one country may on occasion
   reciprocate with the plans of another country. Such arrangements are
   impossible to administer in the United States.

    The International Major Medical Plan eliminates confusion of
    reciprocity with social programs. It covers incurred expenses
    wherever incurred.

  U.S. Medicare does not pay for care or treatment incurred outside the
   United States, except in a few special circumstances. Medicare
   supplement plans pay ONLY AFTER MEDICARE PAYS, and are
   useless therefore for expenses incurred outside the United States.

    The International Major Medical Plan pays benefits anywhere in
    the world on a standalone basis and is especially important to
    persons enrolled in Medicare as benefits are not contingent
    upon Medicare paying first.

    But, Don't take our word for it......  Click on the following link
    to go to the U.S. Department of State on this very issue!

      This is not intended to be a complete outline of coverage. Some restrictions may apply.

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