Possible Housing Options for Seniors:

A Glossary

bulletIndependent retirement living: Complexes for seniors who can take care of themselves, with a staff doing exterior maintenance.
bulletPlanned retirement communities: Independent living for active seniors, usually younger retirees; strong focus on activities.
bulletAssisted living: Similar to independent living, with extra care such as call buttons.
bulletContinuing care and life care: Independent living or assisted living that can evolve into skilled nursing care as necessary.

Shared housing options:

bulletSeniors who own a home can rent or provide rooms to other seniors, or to younger people such as college students, with the arrangement depending on how much help the person needs.
bulletMany seniors move in with a grown child or other relative. This is known as "family caregiving."
bulletSome senior homeowners add on or remodel to create a separate apartment for a housemate or caregiver. Or part of the grown child's house can be made into living quarters for the senior.
bulletA group of seniors can live together in a home specifically set up for a shared situation, rather than one person moving into someone else's home.

          C. Grannan

Long Term Care Return
Long Term Care Return