A Few Facts That
They Didn't Mention


The Federalist reviewed the latest Centers for Disease
Control mortality statistics -- the official statistics used by
Clinton and company -- and found a few additional facts

worth mentioning.
Regarding the accidental deaths of children from birth
to age 14, the CDC lists:
auto (2,608),
drowning (1010),
pedestrian (675),
bicycle (201),
and gun accidents (142).
"It turns out that among all the causes of accidental deaths
of children, the chances of death by a gun accident are the
remotest," notes Walter Williams.

Interestingly, the CDC includes gun deaths by "legal
intervention" or self-defense among the total cited above.

We inquired about the actual number of legal shootings in
order to distinguish between those and illegal homicides,

and the CDC declined to release that figure.


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