Dancing Baby Movies             


We have 2  Dancing Baby Movies  that are simply wonderful
to watch.  If you have never seen these before,  you are in
for a treat. You will need to download these in order to play
these on your computer.  It's a fairly quick download, even
though movies can get large in size, these are small movies.
If you don't have speakers,  don't bother,  your missing too
much.  For both movies,  you need to do 2 downloads,  as
they are separate.   Click On  -  one at a time to start the
download process.   Save file to disk (HardDrive) and then to

where on the HardDrive.  Save to a file or to the desktop is
fine because they are single items.  You can create a file or
use a file you already have,  to move them to later.  To Play
your movies,  Just Double Click  on them and your player
will pop up and play.  Play them over and over, they are so
cute to watch.      Since they're now yours, enjoy !

  Let's see the movies




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